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Videos to Match Video Lead Box with our

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Power Up Your Video Lead Boxes With These Done-For-You
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30x Videos & Universal Voiceovers that Turn Cold Traffic into Email Leads & Sales


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Check Out Some Of The Videos Templates You Will Get


PART #1 - 30x Done-for-You Ready-to-be-Sold Videos in 15x High-Profit Niches
  • Our flagship collection that can effortlessly be edited in YouTube
  • Leverage to skyrocket Video Lead Box opt-in & sales conversions by 50% & save 5 hours not having to create your own videos or...
  • Niches carefully selected for the highest converting premium profit industries and to match EVERY template you saw with the main offer!
  • Sell as a custom-tailored package for $1,000+ to local Video Lead Box clients
Part #2 - 30x Done-for-You Universal Voiceovers
  • Deliver insta-engaging videos to your marketing clients by acquiring professionally done voiceovers
  • Carefully constructed & written to fit a variety of online niches or to be sold "out-of-the-box" to local businesses
  • High-converting voiceover copy to blow your clients away – we paid our BEST copywriter $2,000 to get these!
  • Leverage proven scripts for insta-engaging videos to increase lead & sales conversions Deliver professionally done voiceovers with your videos to wow local marketing clients
PART #3 - Whitelabel Rights
  • Use the videos & voiceovers with 1,000s of clients, or any of your websites or your client websites.
  • Sell the videos to any client for upwards of $500 or $1,000 per video (cannot be resold as a product launch)
  • Remove our branding and tag your logo, the client logo or any branding on each video

Dear Video Lead Box Video Marketer,

Thanks for trusting us so far...

We know from our own past experience the biggest challenge to making more income is to NUMBER ONE HAVE THE TECHNICAL ABILITY TO DELIVER...and make videos that CONVERT!


Now that you've got the Video Lead Box to provide the right "eye-candy" to WOW visitors and clients -- all you need to do is FIGURE OUT A SURE-FIRE METHOD TO CONVERT TRAFFIC OR TO DELIVER THE ACTUAL VIDEOS TO LOCAL CLIENTS!

That's where "The DFY Video Delivery Whitelabel System" comes in -- IT MUSCLES UP YOUR VIDEO ARSENAL with STRONG ARM TACTICS!

With the "Men-In-Black" style rapid fire power behind The Whitelabel System...

You'll ruthlessly leverage 30x Done-for-You Videos... it's like stealing our entire business model we’ve invested $100,000s to create!

It took us 2 MONTHS to create and test these high-converting videos…
Your video arsenal will be so "super-slick" it's sure to...

Cut the time for delivery from 3 to 7 days to Videos that are ready Out-of-the-Box with Whitelabel Rights!

And you can now use it on AS MANY SITES as you want…

Here's what's critical... It is ONLY available for a strictly limited time though this private invite page...

Select Video Lead Box Pro Members can join forces with us and leverage our "Closely Guarded Video Arsenal".

It's a sure thing -- with our beefed up muscle and pro-level videos -- you can't fail.

Because When You're A Whitelabel Owner...

  • The 30 done for you video templates you have as part of video lead box are all branded with our logo. You can change that with this package. If you get this package you can edit them, rename them and put your own logo on them.
  • You’ll get 2 sets of videos for all 15 Niches. One could be used to sell the services or product and the other could be used to get leads.
  • You’ll feel armed to close clients because you know that you can turnaround their projects in a few hours
  • You'll feel confident you'll get recurring Video SEO clients with our mind-blowing Videos!
  • You'll greet the new business owner smiling because you won’t have to do any selling at all & you'll know that after you close, delivery will be super easy!

Let's get down to the brass-knuckles of what you'll be getting.

“Whitelabel Rights for our 30x Videos
& Universal Voiceovers!!”

The DFY Video Delivery Whitelabel System:

You get 30 Complete ‘Ready to Sell’ Videos In These High Demand Niches!

Once you have the videos you'll know that you can deliver almost instantly!

These done-for-you videos include ALL of these niches:

1. 2x Make Money Videos
2. 2x Restaurant Videos
3. 2x Dentist Videos
4. 2x Home Repairs Videos
5. 2x Weight Loss Videos
6. 2x Night Club Videos
7. 2x Lawyer 8. Bakery Videos

9. 2x Plumber Videos
10. 2x Kindle eBook Videos
11. 2x T-Shirts Videos
12. 2x Pizza Place Videos
13. 2x Forex Videos
14. 2x Realtor Videos
15. 2x Salsa Dancing Videos

The "Social Media Ad & Client Upsell Package” Bonuses...

Bonuses will include a Facebook & Social Media Package consisting of 15 DFY Facebook Ads setup for split testing matching the hottest done-for-you videos along with matching timeline covers, matching tabs and photo insets for instant FB Business page creation in all 15 niches plus an email script designed to auto-close business owners with an offer they can’t refuse.

Bonus 1: 15 Done-for-You High-CTR Split Test FB Ads –

You get 15 Facebook Ads ready to upload and use for your split-tests including right hand and news-feed ads.

Package includes multiple ad combinations:

- ads with text
- ads with borders
- ads without borders
- and multiple combinations

All 15 match up perfectly with the 15 ‘done-for-you’ niches.

Done-for-You BONUS # 1 – $197
Bonus 2: 15 Done-for-You Timeline Covers, Matching Tabs, & Photo Insets

You get a professionally designed never before released DFY package of fresh graphically appealing:

- FB Timeline Covers
- Matching tabs
- Photo insets

You can use to instantly create Fanpages for your new clients in just minutes!

Done-for-You BONUS # 2 – $197
Bonus 3: Video AutoClosing Email Script

You get a tested and proven-to-covert Email Script with a sure-fire “video offer local businesses cannot refuse” - professional closing script -- to have prospects literally agreeing with everything you say. With this you can feel confident as you get more business owners to contact you via a simple "click-and-send email".
This Auto-Closing Email Script will allow you to quickly and effortlessly to send and then say the right thing to open more doors to allow for more business owners contacting you for the Video Marketing, Creation & SEO Services you provide. You get a masterful and "winning method" to close more sales -- and push for getting a biz owner to say... "YES I want this!"

With this you can feel confident as you get more business owners to contact you via a simple "click-and-send email".

Done-for-You BONUS # 3 – $97

Grand Total Value Of ALL 3 BONUSES = $461

Wouldn't you love to have everything you need to with what's custom built into all 3 of these "Done-for-You Bonuses" to confidently walk into your sales presentations (or pick up the phone)-- all "fully-loaded" to ensure you get that "YES" & then deliver within hours?

And use THESE High-converting videos on your pages and RAMP up conversions and sales as well!

That’s pretty cool!

Can you see now why you must have this and how becoming a "Whitelabel Owner" you can easily feel more confident with your premium video clients?

You bet!
The Whitelabel Package will friggin' BLOW YOUR MIND!

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Video Lead Box - 30 DFY Videos