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Turbo-Charge VideoLeadBox with the Amazon, Teespring & Paypal Automated Sales Funnel Integration Package Plus...

A/B Testing. Geo-Location. Developer's License.

and more…

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With Video Lead Box Pro, You Can Get:

1.) Powerful A/B Split Testing

Most students I talk with worry that one video box is not enough – they want to test as many as possible…so they can pick the best one and get HIGHER conversions with it. One simple change can yield 50% more profit with this feature!

2.) Skyrocket Your TeeSpring Campaigns

If you do sell T-shirts or any other physical items – you can do this with Video Lead Box. A couple of small adjustments help you do what NO ONE else can – combine the power of timed popups on your site to sell T-shirts! Seeing is believing!

3.) Built-in eBook Cover Creator

This feature alone could sell for $97. With this upgrade you get a build-in ebook cover creator that you can use to ENHANCE whatever it is you are giving away or selling on your site! Our beta testers LOVED this feature!

4.) Sell Anything With PayPal

This is something we’ve used often with EXCEPTIONAL results. Simply targeting people with geo-location messages gives you a leverage like no other. Plus – this one is no gimmick – you’ll see a LOT of applications here.

5.) Promote Amazon Products

This is a HOT Market. Amazon affiliate marketers sell crazy-amount of products online every day – anywhere between 100 and 10,000. Just like them, you can multiply your sales by 2x or 3x by simply adding these popups on your site. Others are doing it – so why not you?!

6.) The Geolocation Technology

If you want to sell something on your site and want to use Paypal – we have built up a simple drag-and-drop integration. Setup your Paypal with Video Lead Box and make sales OVER and OVER again on your website!

7.) Developer and Unlimited Install License

WOW! With this upgrade we have raised your limit from a few sites to UNLIMITED sites. Install these Video Lead Boxes on as many sites as you want. Offer them to your client and even flip the sites with these installed!

8.) Unannounced bonus

With Enhanced Features Like – Split Testing, PayPal Buy, Ebook Cover Creation, Geolocation Technology, Tee Spring Marketing, Developer’s License…and much more.


Neil here again.

By now I bet you are ABSOLUTELY amped up about what this upgrade can do for you.

I am excited too!

When we created Video Lead Box – it worked perfectly as is – but we had an internal meeting and decided to RAMP up value with this upgrade…giving you TONNES of opportunity to make money.

This upgrade is perfect for anyone who wants to ramp up their marketing without the hassle of doing everything manually.

Here’s a detailed description of what you’re getting as part of this upgrade:

Here’s How You Can Power Up With This Upgrade:

Powerful A/B Split Testing
Valued at $97

No more guess work. Split testing shows you what works. A/B split testing allows you to split your traffic in order to determine the one that performs better. Pick the campaign that is converting well and you can EASILY set it as control and ramp up. This way you can turn slow 1% conversion into STEADY 5% sales – boosting your results by over 400%. The split test comparison results are presented in a detailed line chart.

TeeSpring Box Valued at $197

Have you been struggling to promote your TeeSpring campaigns? Promoting TeeSpring campaigns has never been as easy and effective as this. Video Lead Box Pro is the easiest way to set your TeeSpring campaigns on fire! Using the "TeeSpring Shirt" and "TeeSpring Countdown" widgets, you can setup your TeeSpring popup with a few clicks. Instead of coding everything from scratch or buying additional (buggy) WP Plugins – we have created a simple place for you to place your Teespring campaigns… …and cash in!

eBook Cover Box
Valued at $197

eBooks are the most common way to incentivize your visitors. If you have already created an ebook, you certainly know how daunting it is to create a 3D cover photo for it. People on odesk charge upto $50 to create one of these. Video Lead Box Pro provides a very simple way of creating your own ebook's 3D cover. You just drag the "eBook cover" component then set its title, image and color in the settings menu. You're all set! Then you can give away or sell ebooks RIGHT on your website! How cool is that?!

Paypal Integration Box
Valued at $197

With this upgrade, you can easily setup your PayPal BUY or DONATE buttons.
Setting up a payment popup is as easy as dragging and dropping a PayPal button. You can setup your PayPal popup to be opened once your visitor clicks on a link or button on your page. This gives you full control over selling your items and receiving the funds in your PayPal account.
No need for any coding or third party plugins. Everything is conveniently available to for you inside the Video Lead Box Pro builder.

Amazon Affiliate Box
Valued at $197

If you are an amazon affiliate, or want to be, you can increase your Amazon Associate revenue with Video Lead Box Pro. Using the Amazon Associates widget, you can increase your Amazon sales. Combine the Amazon Associates widget with the targeting and events features to increase your conversion. You can even take this further by using the split testing functionality and improving from there. The possibilities are simply endless.

Geolocation Box
Valued at $197

This is REALLY cool! With the geolocation technology, you can use your visitor's location information. This allows you to put messages like "Now available in London" where London is the name of your visitor's city.
You can also use their country name and flag. Specifying the location of your visitors increases their interest which in turn, increases your conversions. Check out some of the boxes we created here:

Developer and Unlimited Site Rights
Valued at $297

This is the REAL value. I almost feel you are stealing the PRO version from me. With this upgrade, you get developer rights as well as rights to install this on UNLIMITED sites. So you could sell video popups such as these for anywhere between $47 and $497 per month. Since you create these in our SaaS platform – you have 100% control on how these function – even after you sell them to your clients!

Checkout how the PRO Version compares to Video Lead Box

Video Lead Box Video Lead Box Pro
Drag and Drop Visual Builder
Mobile Specific Builder
2 Step Opt-in
1 Click Custom Funnel
35+ Built in High Quality Templates
50+ Fully Customizable Unique Components
Integrates all Autoresponders
Frequency Delay
On Action
Ebook Cover Creator
Amazon Associates
PayPal Buy
PayPal Donate
Geolocation Technology
TeeSpring Marketing
Detailed Analytics
Powerful A/B Split Testing
Developer License
Unlimited Site Install

Every Marketing Tool You Need In One Place

Video Lead Box Pro opens the door to a whole new way of doing online marketing.

Here’s a summary of what you’re getting:

1.) Powerful A/B Split Testing - Valued at $97
2.) Skyrocket Your TeeSpring Campaigns - Valued at $197
3.) Built-in eBook Cover Creator - Valued at $197
4.) Sell Anything With PayPal - Valued at $197
5.) Promote Amazon Products - Valued at $197
6.) The Geolocation Technology - Valued at $197
7.) Developer and Unlimited Install License - Valued at $297
8.) Unannounced bonus - Valued at $197

That’s a total value of $1379

For under 5% of the price… For a limited time only.

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